C-CAPS website pages and operational models

macehead.nuigalway.ie - instrument web pages - active
Instrument(s) Link Description Monitored
ACSM, AE33 Aerosource archive Aerosource Archive Yes
All Mace Head Macehead RT   Yes
Ceilometer, Cloud radar Feature mask at Mace Head Combination of ceilometer and cloud radar measurements for aerosol and cloud detection Yes
Ceilometer, cloud radar, radiometer syrsoc Cloud microphysical properties from SYRSOC at Mace Head Yes
Wind Lidar (36) Lidar page 1 Doppler lidar measurements at Mace Head No
Wind Lidar (36) Lidar page 2 Doppler lidar measurements at Mace Head No
Meteorology Meteorology   No
Microwave radiometer HATPRO Microwave radiometer data Yes
Model Hysplit Mace Head Back trajectories No
NSMPS, SMPS  PSD Mace Head Particle size distribution No
UPS UPS Mace Head UPS No

macehead.nuigalway.ie - archived and inactive instrument web pages
Instrument(s) Link Description Monitored
Air quality egg homepage AQE Citizen Science Air Quality Project No
Wind, model wrf_lidar Comparison of WRF wind profiles with Doppler lidar measurements at Mace Head No
Wind, LLJ WRF low level jets WRF wind profiles and detected low level jets at Mace Head No

Operational Models ( higher priority )
Project Model Product Description Monitored
Air quality Air quality   No
Air quality StreamairAQ   Yes
Ash Ash concentrations above flight thresholds   Yes
Ash Spatial distribution of volcanic ash plume   Yes
Ash Vertical structure over selected airports   Yes

Models ( lower priority )
Project Model Product Description Monitored
Meteorology Meteorology   No
Hysplit Hysplit ( macehead.org ), Hysplit ( RT )   No
Remote Sensing Feature mask   Yes

External data portals with C-CAPS data
Project Link Description
Remote Sensing https://cloudnet.fmi.fi/ Cloudnet
Remote Sensing https://cloudnet.fmi.fi/site/mace-head Cloudnet
EPA, AC3 https://data.gov.ie/user/nuig_ccaps Data.gov.ie
Remote Sensing https://e-profile.eu/#/cm_profile E-profile

C-CAPS Data management
Resource type Link Status
Network and data monitoring Realtime network monitoring system active
Network and data monitoring Realtime monitoring dashboards active
Diagnostics macehead.nuigalway.ie active
Visualisation instrument dashboards pilot / development
Visualisation instrument, IT, dashboards pilot / development
Visualisation Danu high resolution performance metrics active